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It is the purpose of WCS athletics to help fulfill the vision of Woodland Christian School. Athletics are a vital part of the educational process and are an important component in fulfilling the vision of WCS. This vision extends to a working philosophy that says:

"The value of athletics is not found solely in achieving the athletic goals, though these goals must be strived for with all diligence. The true value of athletics is found in the changes and experiences that the process of striving for the goal produces in the lives of the people who are directly or indirectly involved with the athletic program. In other words, athletics provide an arena whereby students can be trained in Christlikeness."

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Goals of the Athletic Department

1. Character. Athletics provide an excellent opportunity for developing Christian character and bringing the Holy Spirit's control over the mind, the will, and the emotions. The Spirit's work in the lives of students strengthens the "Fruit of the Spirit", patience, endurance, self-control, kindness, loyalty, and humility to dominate and control.

2. Witness. Athletics provide an opportunity to learn to be an effective witness of the transforming power of Christ to team members, the coaches, players, students, and fans. We expect there to be a sharp contrast in the behavior and attitude of our teams, students, coaches, and fans so as to bring the proper attention to Jesus Christ and to be a witness to His power.

3. Programs. Our goal is to maintain and develop quality athletic programs.

4. Participation. Our goal in athletics is to provide programs that allow for maximum student participation and support.

5. Parents. A final goal is to encourage parent involvement at all levels and within all sports

Sports Schedules

WCS uses Google calendars to post the sports schedules. If you are interested in just viewing one sport event, click on the down arrow next to the word 'Agenda' and de-select the ones you don't want to view. 




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